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Kadar R. Small is a Trinidadian, Brooklyn-based Photographer & Director.  His work focuses on documenting black and brown queer experience, specifically in relationships and intimacy. 

His portraiture work is influenced at a young age, when he was sneaking off and documenting nightlife, capturing intimate portraits of black and brown people laughing, dancing and enjoying one another highlighting the importance of spaces specifically made for them. Kadar’s work has also been highly recognized for his tender, intimate portraits of black men and breaking down stereotypes of growing up in urban environments. 

He has also worked with commercial and editorial clients such as Facebook, Document Journal, Urban Outfitters, Calvin Klein, I-D, L’Officiel, and Essence Magazine. Additionally, Kadar is a Freelance Casting Director for Cast Partner and most,
if not all, of his projects have been street cast by him.


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